June 5, 2008

The Sark-opera

Early criticism of Sarkozy that he was ignoring the country and spending too much time romancing changed soon thereafter into adulation for some (and quiet indifference for others), who lapped up the scoops put out by paparazzi besotted with the Sarkozy-Bruni romance.

And by her own admission, Carla Sarkozy's was clearly having the time of her life, from strumming a guitar to xxxxing Nicolas to meeting the Queen.
"It's all been a bit of a surprise," said Carla Sarkozy, formerly Bruni, formerly Bruni-Sarkozy, at yesterday's women-only charity lunch at Lancaster House, in London. "There I was, last year, on October 13, strumming my guitar." She mimed the strumming. "And then I met Nicolas. And now I've met the Queen!"
Well.. for those interested in more details of her whirlwind romance with the French president, there's now a book! And not one written by a gossip-gorged tabloid writer but by Carla herself!!
How Sarko seduced me
It's time for another episode in the Sark-opera. The first well-informed book on President Sarkozy's speed romance and marriage with Carla Bruni, the Italian supermodel-singer, is out tomorrow. There are no bombshells but a few tasty anecdotes in Carla et Nicolas, La Véritable Histoire. Bruni talked to the two authors, Valérie Benaim and Yves Azéroual. She covers some past lovers, her career and her coup de foudre for the newly divorced president when they met on a blind date at a dinner party last November. Interesting dirt is dished against Rachida Dati, the Justice Minister and Sarko protégée, whom the authors depict as jealous of Bruni's arrival (more later).
Ok. Enough said. Quiet indifference would have been a better response from me to this non-news but how would we have our WTF_how-do-I-care moments for the day without our "celebrities" and their shenanigans.

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