June 4, 2008

In the year 2100

Conan O'Brien used to have a recurring snippet on his show in the pre-Y2K doom-n-gloom days called "In the year 2000." That 'apocalypse' called the Y2K did not quite pan out as many had feared at the end of the previous century... but maybe some of the fears for the end of this century might be a little less misplaced?

You be the judge.... I am not going to pontificate on this subject as firstly, I believe I am biased in favor of arguments made supporting the deleterious effects of climate change and secondly, I do not have the time or the inclination to delve deeper into the research behind this rather slickly put together imagery.

Google Apocalpyse: The Year 2100
...... click on this link (assuming you have the most recent version of Google Earth.)

The link is to a KMZ file created by the U.K. government's Met Office, and it'll show you exactly what climate scientists are seeing. They've loaded a Google Earth skin with medium-range, accepted climate data. It shows some pretty significant increases right now. But the real scare happens after you click "play."

Play on!

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