June 6, 2008

Literary relics

Sam Jordison at the Guardian wonders who amongst fthe amous writers today will be 'lost' and unknown in the near future. The comments from readers below Sam's post provide some exciting food for thought. (Strangely, he lists authors that I have read and loved: Auster, McEwan, and Rushdie (only pre-2000 though). I have read a little bit of Bellow (who I often confuse him with Salinger) but have not read anything from Pynchon yet.)
Plenty of the authors who seem terribly important today will soon be stuck on the shelves gathering dust just as fast Delderfield and co. Paul Auster, Thomas Pynchon, Saul Bellow, Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie ... It's hard to say who will stay and who will go - but fun to guess. So now it's over to you. Who will disappear, and why? And if I do decide to make that link and read a book by Delderfield, can anyone tell me a good place to start?

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