June 5, 2008

Divorce(s) in India

Amit Verma wrote an article recently on the rise of divorces in India, which I read with great interest since he's made some very well-made and not too obvious (to many) points.

On a somewhat related note, here is a curious incident.

A happily married couple in northern India got the shock of their lives when they learnt they had divorced 10 years ago, the Times of India reported on Tuesday.

The world's screaming for a book titled ' The curious incident of the divorce last decade' :)

Note: Its actually not a funny tale. Seemingly fraudulent documents created by kins has led to this chaos. But after reading the headline at the above link - Couple "divorced without knowledge" - it seemed to me like someone woke up one morning and found they had, without their own volition, turned into a ....er...sorry..that's a different novel. ;))


Kenney Jacob said...


Sanjeev said...

agree 100% with you Kenney that divorce rates are more about personal freedoms than family values.

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