August 3, 2006

Science Dozen

Starting another new thread.. 12 interesting scientific (including social sciences) studies in the news..

Based on my reading of your blog, I think you might find these dozen studies interesting..

1. Our perceptions of body image is primarily predicted by biopsychosocial influences.

2.Race, class, and Hurricane Katrina: Social differences in human responses to disaster

3. Girl or Boy: Chance, choice and control: Lay debate on prenatal social sex selection

4.Do dogs harbour risk factors for human breast cancer?

5.Cat parasite may affect cultural traits in human populations

6. Mice learn tasks that may help treat human psychiatric disorders
(from 4, 5, and 6 above, I conclude that dogs and cats are bad for humans but rats are good. No report yet about cows (no..not this very useful COW!) other than reports about some madness in cows that affects human but humor aside, whatever be the alleged negative effects of cows, I do not think I can convert Amit Varma- his confidence may be stirred, but not shaken! ;) In any case, keep eating that curry cause apparently, chemicals in curry and onions may help prevent colon cancer)

7. Patterns of usage of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)
Use of CAM is relatively common, with younger, Caucasian patients with malignancies being the most common users. However, there seems to be no difference in perceived postoperative problems, nor actual postoperative complications between CAM and non-CAM users.

8. Living Larger and Longer The human animal is taller, heavier, healthier and longer-lived than in the past. Whatever the reasons, maintaining health should not necessarily be to extend life but to enjoy life.

9a. What You See Is What You Eat
9b. Genetic glitch could keep some people from feeling full
9c. Scientists Successfully Test New Anti-Obesity Vaccine

10. Sorry monkey, apes are smarter (also see this 'Monkey' video link by Ernest Cline) but remember: Predators prefer to hunt small-brained prey

11. Researchers convert farm waste to energy source I think rural communities in India , Africa and probably elsewhere have known this for centuries... so what if it is not non-smelly, dry-to-touch s*** ;)

And finally...blame all your bad habits on those damn

12. A family study of pathological gambling

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