August 15, 2006

Between Hope and Fear

Great journalism from Kevin Sites, who blogs at Yahoo!'s Hotzone. He leads quite a life - full of experiences that very few (or no one) in the world has probably had.. and thus reading his posts make for fascinating reading - not to mention it provides a unique perspective to the on-goings in some of the most troubled spots in the world including the Middle East and recently Kashmir and India.

Here are the a few reports from the Indian sub-continent

Nepal: I Am a Dog
The roads before me blend from one into the next, but the drive is comforting.

Kashmir: Missed Chance: Oh Hello, Dalai!
What do you do when one of the world’s pre-eminent religious leaders sits behind you on the plane? Dish on China? Share your iPod? Pretend to levitate? Or maybe, nothing at all?

Between Hope and Fear

Kevin Sites blogs about Afghans, still struggling with violence, poverty and constant power shortages. He wonders if the memory of the past keep them moving forward

Kashmir: The Soccer War

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