August 18, 2006

Media in India

I could write a lot of things about the dismal levels that journalism (tabloidism or as Amit Varma calls it ' purplocity and verniness') has sunken to in India and how even TV gets worse day by day (though, admittedly my exposure to TV in India is negligible and I couldn't write much about it except to say that the little exposure I have to Hindi soaps during visits back home certainly did not whet my appetite). However, understandably, like in the US, TV aka the idiot box has garbage most of the time since the channels need to fill the 24 hours with something! However, this one crosses a line and should be strongly condemned by everyone in the TV/entertainment industry in India.

Amit Verma blogs about this Reuters report:

A group of Indian television journalists gave a man matches and diesel to help him commit suicide in order to get dramatic footage which was later broadcast on the news, police said on Thursday.The man died from severe burns to his body in hospital in Gaya town in the eastern state of Bihar on August 15, India's Independence Day.


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