August 16, 2006


Second Place 'Silver Screen Award' at the 2006 US International Film and Video Festival Awards in the documentary category: 1-800-INDIA

Over the past decade, India has emerged as the leader in the global market for
white-collar "outsourcing" jobs -- a notable component of India's rapid economic
growth. A dramatic and personal film, "1-800-INDIA" explores the experience of
young Indian men and women who have been recruited into these new jobs requiring
long hours, late-night shifts, and Westernized work habits. The film reveals the
human and cultural impact of a sweeping global trend, exploring its effect on
Indian family life, on the evolving landscape of Indian cities and towns, and on
the aspirations and daily lives of young Indians, especially women, entering the
work force.
Director Safina Uberoi is best known for her documentary, MY MOTHER INDIA, about her Australian mother's love affair with India. The film won 11 major international awards, including the NSW Premier's Award, and had a highly successful theatrical release in Australia. Recently Uberoi directed a documentary on British Asian writer, Meera Syal, for the BBC 2 series, WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE. Her other documentaries include THE BRIDES OF KHAN, a half-hour portrait of a Sydney wedding photographer that was part of the HYBRID LIFE series on SBS TELEVISION.
It is running right now (6-7 pm) on WGBH (PBS)'s Wide Angle programand will re-run again 9-10pm. May also be running on one of your PBS stations; if so, maybe you can watch it.

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