December 11, 2008

The house is back in order

After an unnecessary exercise in futility of splitting my blogs and making a confusing mess out of it (see below!), I am back on track with just 1 main blog (this one).

So here on... just two blogs with regular updates.

GREEN OGRES for environment/energy and cleantech issues
TASTY MORSELS for everything else.

That said... while the house is back in order, it will be a quiet one for some time since I am away on a 6 week trip to India starting next week and so blogging will by necessity be infrequent and irregular.

P.S. The other blogs "Accidental Abundances" and "Revolutionary Virtues" as well as posts from Other Side of Silence have been merged into this one, along with all old posts from my blogging during the 2005-2008 period (which had been moved to "Desultory Reflections" during this mathi-maar-gayi-thi phase (sorry non-Hindi readers who do not understand that phrase; cannot easily explain but in essense ... 'what was i thinking'!!!!)

The Substitute for Wit and Other Side of Silence blogs and my poetry blog will also continue to be in existence but those are merely places where I compile and collect quotes and music and house my old poetry -- so are not really blogs.

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