December 29, 2008

Being normal again

Am in Mumbai till the end of Jan and hence blogging will be intermittent or even non-existent. 
Just a quick note then to point out an article by Salil Tripathi about the year that taught the city of Mumbai to fight its fears. 
26 November: Terrorists attacked prominent south Mumbai landmarks. Punit Paranjpe / Reuters
Feliks Dzerzhinsky, the Polish communist who founded the Bolshevik secret police, once said: “The only object of terrorism is to terrorise.” The only recourse left for us, then, is not to feel terrified.

The year has taught me much more than facing my fears... it has been devastating in many ways but the thought that I would like to leave the year with is that "whatever does not kill me, makes me stronger." One wonders though whether one has scraped the bottom of the barrel (on many fronts) in 2008 and 2009 will bring better days ahead or is the end still not in sight. One hopes it is the former.... 

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