October 20, 2008

Most indecent behaviour, indeed!

supreme WTFness... though it is great that a high court can tell the Center "WTF are you thinking/saying" :)

The Delhi High Court on Monday pulled up the Centre for terming homosexual trait a “disease”. (Hat tip to Amit, for this update.)

The court’s observation came when Additional Solicitor General P.P. Malhotra, appearing for the Centre, contended that homosexuality is a disease that is responsible for spreading AIDS.

Describing homosexuality as “the most indecent behaviour” in society, the Centre submitted that homosexuals comprise only 0.3 per cent of the population and the right of rest 99.7 per cent population cannot be compromised for them.
Most indecent behavior indeed! Tell you what is most indecent - this! No...actually that's downright medieval and barbaric!

Amazing how kooky and retrograde this PP Malhotra guy is!

“AIDS is spreading and if gay sex is legalised, then people on the streets would indulge in it saying that the high court has given approval for it. Every citizen has the right to lead a decent and moral life in society and the right would be violated if such behaviour (gay sex) is legalised in the country,” Malhotra said, adding that allowing gay sex would pose a health hazard to society.
He also countered the gay rights activists' contention who had earlier pleaded that gay sex should be legalised in the country as many countries in Asia and Europe have done so.
"Our moral and ethical values are different," Malhotra retorted.
According to Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, a person indulging in gay sex can get up to life imprisonment.
People on the street will indulge in it... and everyone will then get AIDS, the "homosexual disease!" Where are we - in the Reagan led early 80s?

In any case, the remark reminded me of this humorous post at Overheard in NYC that I was reading earlier today with great bemusement.

Tonight's Movie: Big Trouble in Little Italy

Girl: Hang on... (bends over to tie shoe in middle of crowd)
Appalled mother: Don't do that! This is New York. You could get pregnant!

--Mulberry & Hester, Little Italy

Overheard by: Mark
So now then - don't bend when you go out on the roads of Mumbai; because then AIDS will spread rampantly in India (which has so far been so immune to these diseases that plague the immoral and unethical Western cultures!)

Find the humor in this and ROTFL is all that we can do in the face of such absurd ridiculousness, no?

Related: Amit Varma's post earlier this year about the prevalent attitude about this in India.

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