Random Links - 9

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The 48 Hour Film Project invites filmmakers to complete a short movie in just two days.

Russian-born sisters to become professors in US at age 19, 21
Angela and Diana Kniazeva will take up their new positions in Sept at Rochester University, where most students are likely be older than them.


Did not know that the Newt is a top 1000 reviewer on amazon.com!


"Utah Republican Don Larsen believes that illegal immigration to the US is a Satanic plot and has submitted an anti-Satan resolution to be discussed at this weekend's Utah County Republican Convention." - via BB

"A year on Ice", Time-lapse video filmed in Antarctica, in and around McMurdo Station and Scott Base. - via

This is not for ppl with vertigo or a fear of heights... dining and nausea/hurling do not go together! :) But for the others dining 150ft up could be an interesting fun experience! :) - via Linkastic