May 6, 2007

Random Links - 8

Spider venom the new Viagara?

Torn from parents, a top speller vents his anger
Kunal Sah hopes that winning the Scripps National Spelling Bee will help bring his parents back from India. Left, Sah at the motel in Green River, Utah, where he lives with his aunt and uncle.

'Stunning' Buddha murals found in remote Nepal caves
Paintings of Buddha dating back at least to the 12th century have been discovered in a cave in a remote area of Nepal's north-central region.

Mystery as Boeing 737 abandoned in Mumbai street 'disappears'
The plane was abandoned in Chembur after the driver took a wrong turn and found himself facing a flyover that was too low for him to take the plane under. The driver then disappeared and the plane and its trailer were marooned for several days while no-one assumed responsibility for moving it.

New Bandit Queen?
Twenty-nine murder charges, but she wants to be an Indian MP!

So...who's taking bets on whether she actually goes to jail or not!

Celebrity heiress Paris Hilton has been jailed for 45 days for violating her probation over a drink-driving charge. A Los Angeles judge ruled she must start her sentence on 5 June and she will not be allowed any work release.
--- can be tough and harsh for some!

A woman with 11-stone (70 kg) legs


Armless driver escapes police- Michael Francis Wiley of Port Richey, Florida has no arms, only one leg, and is one of the "most accomplished traffic violators" in Pasco County, according to news reports.- via BB

let me end on a funny note..

Doing the bodyguard? ;) Funny signs from China - via BB

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