May 28, 2007

Al Gore on Climate Crisis

Great answer by Al Gore in the Q&A piece at the link for his new book, The Assault on Reason
...."climate crisis." The English meaning of the word "crisis" conveys alarm, but the Chinese and Japanese expressions use two characters together: the first means danger, but the second means opportunity. The animations do help to convey some of that sense of danger--but the opportunities are enormous. We are beginning to see companies taking advantage of the new markets that are emerging as they innovate and put to market the technologies that we need to solve this crisis. Some have become ubiquitous, like the hybrid electric engine and compact fluorescent light bulb. There are thousands of opportunities like this all around us if governments will show the type of bold leadership that we need--and work with industry to exploit these opportunities.
Also.. I just heard a great interview with Al Gore on Charlie Rose's show just now -it was a re-run from last Friday. See it here.... I won't try to regurgitate what he said. But do click on the link above for more information on his latest book. The link also has a special message from Gore to all (and other) readers. Also, here is the NY Times Review and the book has a wiki entry.

P.S. On the Charlie Rose show, Gore did say he doesn't see himself running for President in 2008 but he has not 100% ruled it out. Also read this article from Time magazine -
The Last Temptation of Al Gore

Al Gore 2008 Draft Campaign
Why Gore Should Run -- And How He Can Win

P.P.S. Kinda related to topic of Al Gore's book and so here is a link to
an incredible essay - Not Even Wrong
- about lack of logic, reality, framing and the politics of the past six years. (- via Dailyos)

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