May 9, 2009

Doggone Good

god-salamiWe’ve seen all sorts of strange religious related appearances before... like people seeing the Virgin Mary in their sandwich etc.. but this one is doggone good! 
A South Florida woman frying salami was shocked to find that God had left his mark, in the form of his name.
Someone tell the poor lady, its not GoD but a DoG that left his mark!
( say?)

Btw, here is how it went:
Lady: Waiter, there's a dog in my sandwich!
Waiter: No, M'am! Our meat is sourced from some nefarious places but I'm pretty sure it does not come from Korea.
Lady: But see... d-o-g. That spells dog!
Waiter: No, lady. Maybe you are dyslexic (moving the pieces around)... see, you are the chosen one! Praise the lord - you've find God!
Lady: Hallelujah! Stop the press! I'm going to be famous! I'm going to be on TV! People are going to write news articles and blog posts singing my praises! Maybe someone will buy this on E-Bay and make me a rich woman!
Ok.. I'm being facetious but the travesty is that the last bit about someone buying it on E-bay may actually come true! (Remember this?)

And so it goes..and such is life!

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