November 26, 2008

Speed. Topicality. Cleverness. Contention.


If you are an overeducated (or at least a semi-overeducated) youngish person with a sleep disorder and a surfeit of opinions, the thing to do, after all, is to start a blog. There are no printing costs, no mailing lists, and the medium offers instant membership in a welcoming herd of independent minds who will put you in their links columns if you put them in yours. Blogs embody and perpetuate a discourse based on speed, topicality, cleverness and contention - all qualities very much ascendant in American media culture these days.

That's an excerpt froma A. O. Scott article in the New York Times in 2005! I'm kinda over-educated, not-so-youngish, sleep fitfully lately, but have no opinions (at least none I voice vociferously)..... no wonder, my blog(s) flail. :)

Speed? Topicality? Cleverness? Contention? Not here!

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