November 25, 2008

Festival in the Desert

The Festival Au Desert in Essakane, Mali (2 hours from Timbaktu) will be held from January 8-10, 2009.

And while I cannot be there in 2009, I still hope that some day before I die I will make it to this musical heaven. For now, I get to enjoy Ali Farka Toure jamming at the Festival in 2003 ... many thanks to youtube poster, Festivalhopper, who has uploaded many videos of live performances from festivals around the world.

also this video of Ali Farka Toure from the festival..

and here's one of Oumou Sangare (see post) with Ali Farka Toure (also from the 2003 Festival.)

And last but not least... though Ali Farka Toure is no more with us, here's a video of his capable son, Vieux (see
1, 2, 3) at the 2008 Festival.

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