April 7, 2008

Who is going to take the 3am call?

Arun Krishnan, in a humorous piece, calls the President and makes a suggestion:

“You should speak to my cousin J…in India,” I say. “When it is daytime in the US, it is night in India. That is when J…starts the working day. When people call you in the day, they can get transferred to J.., who will handle all your calls.”

“But is J…any good?” asks the President.

“Sure,” I say, “J… can do Australian, American, French and English accents. Sometimes all in the same sentence. Imagine how close the other world leaders will feel to you. Birds of a feather and all that.”

“Sounds good…” the President says, trailing off with a yawn.

Outsource the 3am call. I like it!

Note: Found the blog post by Arun via India Uncut.

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