September 7, 2006

War and Peace Tolstay almost said..."War..what is it good for?" :)

Scorecard for the War on Terror - via BoingBoing

With President Bush today conceding that the CIA ran secret prisons overseas, news that 14 key figures will be transferred from CIA custody to Guantanamo Bay, and revised guidelines on detainee torture, now seems a good time to review security expert Bruce Schneier's post, Scorecard from the War on Terror, who writes-
This is absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in how the U.S. is prosecuting terrorism. Put aside the rhetoric and the posturing; this is what is actually happening.

2) Slaughter in the Monastery by Jasmina Tesanovic

Arundhati Roy on Peacebuilding - via

The Dropping Knowledge meeting in Germany will be attended by Arundhati Roy, who asks herself what form of resistance is effective and acceptable? The film, available here, is one of many that feed into The Dialog Platform, which is a fascinating look into the management of complex problems, information visualisation, semantic analysis and knowledge harvesting.

wooden table at which participants will sit at is an impressive piece of architecture, while the architectonics of the initiative itself is mind-boggling.)

I heard about the Dropping Knowledge Initiative, on Current TV earlier this week. Sounded like something I'd love to be attending...

dropping knowledge is a global initiative to turn apathy into activity. By hosting an open conversation on the most pressing issues of our times, we will foster a worldwide exchange of viewpoints, ideas and people-powered solutions. However knowledge is defined, by dropping it freely to others, we all gain wisdom
And the
Private Sector Development Blog entry reports on what is supposed to be ..
a global conversation on pressing global issues. The questions are ‘ donated’ and voted on by common laymen from around the world, and answered by ‘visionaries’ who have also been nominated. If interested, go ahead, submit a question today! All the responses will be recorded, translated and made available online. The hope is to challenge conventional thinking and inspire new ideas; and that by “dropping knowledge” all will gain “wisdom.” Will be interesting to see if this works out - at least the site is an neat start. For more see their blog, films, commercials, and ads.

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