April 28, 2013

Music for the day: Andrea Valeri

I am going to try to blog again after National Poetry Month ends on April 30th i.e. off and on I will blog about poetry but will also have posts about my other interests which cover a wide span of things from literature, music, books, and other random miscellaneous of interest that I find online.

Let us see how long this latest stint lasts; if you look at the archives, you will see that I have blogged with great regularity for periods and then gone off on hiatuses -- as either time became short but more often because I lost interest in blogging. It often becomes tough to blog with no one reading; if you blog and no one reads, did you even blog or are you talking to yourself? On that note... here's some music for this Sunday evening


It has been a hurried and tiring weekend and this music was perfect for this evening. I found it via someone who posted it in a Music group I started on Facebook some years back! I may feel like I am in Dire Straits sometimes but this version has me feeling like a Sultan! ;-)

Andrea Valeri: Sultans of Swing


Here's another track by Andrea Valeri, who I had never heard of before today. He seems to be a musician who has many youtube videos uploaded teaching guitar-picking.
Andrea Valeri: Afrisong   

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