March 23, 2007

Zero is good

Just saw a link earlier today that talked about Zero-waste efforts: zero-energy, zero-carbon, zero-emissions, zero-waste

Indeed...low impact is is even better! The idea of using less instead of using indiscriminately and then trying to recycle, gels very well with the way I lead my lifestyle. Of course, one needs to use some basics and recycles what one can... but the idea of using less and even less is great.
Some people* are setting examples, as reported in this NYT article yesterday. (* webpage of Colin Beavan, the 'No-Impact-Man' featured in the NYT article.)

what would you be willing to sacrifice for a more environmentally sound life?

Also visit the Eco-Center web-site to learn about what they are doing to help people "strive for clean air, safe water, healthy communities, and environmental justice."

Reference: My compilation post with various links on Global Warming and the Environment.

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