March 12, 2008

A new direction

I will resume blogging on a regular basis only after June. However, since my blogging efforts often ends up being like a compendium of links*, I feel the need to have a place to file away various interesting things I read online. So, I am thinking of going back to creating a compendium of links -- beyond my Linkastic posts but better than this disastrous earlier attempt in a pre-labels Blogger world.

* I rarely have any special commentary on the issues I blog about (except cricket and lately the environment) since I take joy in merely pointing readers to other people's creativity and to various interesting (and sometimes oddball or bizarre) incidents from around the world rather than forcing some viewpoint down their throat. Maybe that defeats the whole purpose of having a blog because why write if you do not have anything to say?

In any case, for the next few months (and maybe longer), I will be compiling links here. For the most part, the topics covered will be the same that I cover here -- literature, movies, art, politics, the environment, and life in general. It is unlikely that I will have links about cricket and sports though.

For now, I am just using an old template I have used before and have a very uncreative title for the blog: A Random Walk through Life | Open your Eyes ...

.. finally decided on Accidental Abundances; which is appropriate because the world (wide web) is full of such amazing abundances, which I accidentally run into during my web-strolls. However, the beautiful words come from something the great American poet, John Ashberry wrote
in the Introduction to The Best American Poetry, 1988
"The more angles we choose to view it from, the more its amazing accidental abundance imposes itself."
With time, this site will/may evolve to be a better format and likely even move to a different location. So watch for it over the next few weeks -- depending on how much time I feel like giving towards the blog, it may thrive or it may die as another ill-executed waste of time. But for now, I have already started posting there and have linked to some interesting things I read in the last few days.

So, see you there...

"The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” - Anon

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